Arrested after suffering an accident after assaulting his partner - La Provincia

The Local Police of the municipality of Santa Úrsula in Santa Cruz de Tenerife arrested Friday afternoon a man of about 36 years as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of gender violence and which resulted in a traffic accident, as reported sources of the City of Santa Úrsula.

The events occurred in the area near the offices of 'la Caixa', in the town center, where agents were alerted that a traffic accident had occurred. Upon arriving at the scene, they found the man, who turned out to be a neighbor of La Laguna, shirtless and bloody.

Almost at the same time, a woman of about 34 years went to the premises of the Local Police to file a complaint for possible aggression against the man mentioned above. Once the agents verified that said alleged aggression was the origin of the traffic accident, they proceeded to carry out the corresponding proceedings for a possible crime of gender violence.

After arresting the alleged aggressor, the agents accompanied the victim - also from La Laguna - to the emergency department of the Health Center of La Victoria. The arrested, along with the proceedings carried out, was presented to the post of the Civil Guard of La Victoria.

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