July 7, 2020

Arrested after stabbing his ex-wife in Pontevedra in front of his two young children – La Provincia

New case of sexist violence, in this case in Pontevedra. The National and Local Police arrested this Sunday night a neighbor of this city 34 years after there was stabbed his ex-wife several times with a knife. According to sources confirmed by the police station, the man is already detained and waiting to go to court.

The 33-year-old woman is out of danger despite the injuries suffered since they did not affect vital organs. Although the woman has already been discharged in the emergency department, she remains in a hospital where she recovers from the injuries suffered.

The events occurred around three o'clock in the morning of Sunday at the home of this woman when her ex-husband appeared in the place, allegedly in order to visit the children they both have in common, and ended up attacking with a knife hurting her repeatedly in the presence of the two small children.

The victim was able to escape from home and go down to the portal where he tried to give the alert voice and ask for help from several neighbors who came to help her. One of them was the one who alerted the authorities when he heard the woman's call for help and, looking out the window, saw the aggressor fleeing and the injured victim in the portal.

He aggressor fled but was arrested shortly after by the National Police. The agents also managed to recover the knife with which he allegedly committed the aggression.

The woman, according to police sources, presented multiple cuts, many of them defensive. Initially he was arrested for attempted homicide and the case is in the hands of the UFAM, the family and woman unit of the National Police that is preparing a full testimony of the facts before putting the detainee to judicial disposition.

The man had previous complaints of gender violence and even had a restraining order. of his ex-wife, already retired, according to police sources. The detainee regularly visited his children.


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