Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Arrested a marriage accused of mistreating his daughter for not putting on the ‘hijab’ | Society

A couple of 50 years of Guinean nationality has been arrested in Palma accused of alleged ill-treatment of their four children under 14 years old – three boys and a girl – for refusing to dress according to the precepts of Islam and not wanting to wear hijab, in the case of the girl. The couple was arrested last Monday and was provisionally released after giving a statement in court investigating the matter. The four brothers, all under 14, entered a reception center managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Sources close to the investigation explained that last May the institute in which the 14-year-old girl was studying gave the alarm, after a teacher saw marks and injuries on her back. The protocol was activated for alleged ill-treatment in the family and social services began an investigation after giving notice to the National Police. The adolescent was referred to an outpatient where a medical part was prepared about the injuries she presented, which was referred to a court to criminally investigate what happened.

Arrested a marriage accused of mistreating his daughter for not putting on the ‘hijab’

In parallel, the social services interviewed the four brothers. According to sources close to the case, the 14-year-old girl explained that she and her siblings suffered repeated abuse by their parents. The girl confessed that her father was angry and hit him with the cable of the mobile phone charger and with the belt because he refused to practice the Muslim religion and dress the hijab. He confessed to social educators that he was afraid to go on a trip to Guinea in case he was forced to participate in a concerted marriage.

The brothers also acknowledged having suffered ill treatment and revealed that their father mistreated his wife and that she did nothing when he beat them. The file was transferred to a court that ordered the arrest of the marriage last Monday. After appearing in court, the man and the woman were provisionally released. The four brothers have been in charge of a reception center managed by social services waiting for the administrative and judicial situation of their parents to be resolved.

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