July 30, 2021

Arrested a man in Madrid who retained his ex-partner despite having a restraining order | Society

Arrested a man in Madrid who retained his ex-partner despite having a restraining order | Society

The Municipal Police of Madrid stopped last Saturday to Juan Carlos V. G., Spanish of 45 years, after detecting that he had retained his ex-partner against his will for more than a day. The arrested had a previous restraining order for alleged ill-treatment in the family, according to sources in the body.

The arrest occurred at eight o'clock in the morning of last Saturday in the street of Los Leoneses, in the Madrid district of Puente de Vallecas, when a patrol car saw how a vehicle was traveling at high speed. The officials came out behind him and stopped him, after which they asked for the documentation to identify him. When passing his filiation by the police station, they verified that it had in force an order of distance with respect to his ex-partner. In the back seat was a woman, who was supposedly sleeping. The police officers woke her up and asked her what her name was. She told them her name was Maria Jose, a name different from the woman on whom there was the restraining order.

At a time when the driver was confused, the woman began to make gestures to one of the agents to ask to be removed from the vehicle. The police followed his instructions and ordered him to get off the tourist. That allowed the agent to talk separately with the woman. She explained that it was her ex-partner and that she had ordered her to stop sleeping if she happened to be told that she was his sister-in-law. The woman also reported that they lived in the Valdemingómez district and that the previous day she had gone to this area, had put her in her vehicle and moved her from there to her home, where she had been detained. He had also removed the documentation so he could not run away.

The agents detained Juan Carlos V. G. accused of a crime of illegal detention, breach of a precautionary measure and threats and coercion.

The number of attention to victims of gender violence is the 016. It does not leave a mark on the telephone bill, although it is necessary to delete it from the call register.


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