Arrested a man for the murder of his partner in Alicante | Society

Arrested a man for the murder of his partner in Alicante | Society

Just three hours after landing at the airport in Alicante, a woman of about 40 years and Hungarian origin was found dead in an apartment in the urbanization Pueblo Bravo de Rojales (Alicante). His partner, 49 years old and of the same nationality, has been detained by the Civil Guard as the alleged perpetrator of a homicide crime.

According to sources of the investigation, some air tickets found in the apartment indicated that the couple arrived at Alicante airport around six in the afternoon of this Monday. From there, they moved to an apartment located in Pueblo Bravo, one of the urbanizations that make up the large residential and tourist complex of Ciudad Quesada, located about 40 kilometers from the airfield and very close to municipalities such as Guardamar del Segura or Torrevieja.

Neither the victim nor his alleged aggressor were registered in the municipality of Rojales, although it has not been possible to confirm whether they were tourists on vacation or if they intended to settle in Spain. The area in which they stayed, Ciudad Quesada, is a complex with a large number of housing developments, chalets and apartments especially for the foreign public, mostly British and Germans.

Shortly after settling in, according to the sources consulted, there was a strong discussion, which has not transcended the causes. Around 21.15, a friend of the detainee, also a Hungarian, called 112 and warned that the woman was unconscious at home, with obvious signs of violence. "Apparently," said the same sources, "the man went to find this friend to tell him what he should do."

In the place of the events, local police officers from Rojales appeared, who found the deceased on the ground and without signs of life, so they proceeded to notify the SAMU and the Civil Guard of Almoradí. The health personnel could not do anything to save the life of the woman, who was full of wounds, although it has not been specified with what they were done. Possibly, they were not a weapon or firearms, as published by the agency Efe.

According to the consulted sources, the agents also found wounds in the body of the alleged aggressor, also without determining. The investigation is now waiting for the autopsy to be performed on the deceased, while her partner has been transferred to the dungeons of the Civil Guard Command in Alicante, where he will remain until he becomes a judge.

Sources of the City of Rojales have confirmed that they are waiting to know the result of the investigation to organize an act of rejection against sexist violence in front of the local consistory. If it is finally confirmed that it is a case of sexist violence, the victim would be added to the others 13 women murdered by their partners or ex-partners since January of 2019, pending the confirmation of the case of Romina Celeste, a Paraguayan girl whose death is still under police investigation.

Since 2003, the first year for which there are official statistics, 989 women have been murdered. Children killed by sexist violence were included in 2013, and since then 27 minors have been killed and 236 have been orphaned.

The number of attention to victims of gender violence is 016. It leaves no trace on the telephone bill, although it must be removed from the call register.


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