June 21, 2021

Arrested a man accused of killing his ex-partner in Fuengirola | Society

Arrested a man accused of killing his ex-partner in Fuengirola | Society

A 47-year-old woman of Spanish nationality has been murdered this Saturday, stabbed in her house in Fuengirola (Málaga). His ex-partner, a man of 50 years of German origin, has been arrested at the hospital in Marbella as the alleged perpetrator of the crime. Police sources have reported that no there are complaints of mistreatment or orders of withdrawal against him. The victim's 16-year-old son has been slightly injured in the incident.

The facts have happened in a house located in the Camino de Coín, in the center of the town of Málaga, past seven in the afternoon. At that time, several neighbors in the area have called the National Police to warn of a possible case of male violence. Several police crews have gone to the site, but they have only been able to confirm the death of the woman, who had stab wounds.

Her son has been transferred to a nearby health center, according to sources at 112. The emergency service has activated the Psychological Intervention Group to psychologically support the adolescent. According to 112, it was he who gave the alarm after the murder. He has warned the neighbors, who have called the National Police.

The agents have established a search device for the woman's ex-partner. Two hours later he was arrested in Marbella, about 30 kilometers away. The individual had gone to the Costa del Sol hospital with various injuries, although no further details have been disclosed. He has been taken to the Fuengirola police station.

The mayoress of Fuengirola, Ana Mula (PP), has called a concentration in rejection of the sexist crime for this Sunday at noon at the door of City Hall. "Violence can not have a place in our society and we will continue to do our part to end up with this scourge once and for all", has underlined in social networks Ana Mula, which has decreed three days of mourning in the municipality.

If confirmed that it is a sexist crime, it would be the victim number 977 since there are official figures, in 2003, and the second assassinated so far this year after the stabbing of a 26-year-old woman from the Dominican Republic on January 3 in the Cantabrian town of Laredo. For this murder her 29-year-old boyfriend was arrested. He had no history of sexist violence and there were no complaints from the victim against the arrested.

Last year, 47 women were killed by their partners or ex-partners, the lowest figure since there is official registration. The radiography is that of a middle-aged woman (17 were between 41 and 50 years old), murdered by a couple with whom she also lived (it happened in 28 of the cases) and who had no prior complaint (only 14 had done so) ).

The number of attention to victims of gender violence is 016. It leaves no trace on the phone bill, although it must be removed from the call log.


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