Arrested a Dutch athlete carrying 50 kilos of drugs in the trunk of her car - La Provincia

The athlete dutch Madiea Ghafoor has been arrested this Friday in the German town of Cleveris after the police found 50 kilos of ecstasy and methamphetamine in the trunk of your car After being caught in a control road to the city of Dusseldorf, where he planned to train.

Ghafoor, what competed in the 4x400 relay of the Rio Games, was accused of smuggling after hiding prohibited substances in sneakers boxes, with a value that is around Two millions of euros, reports the Dutch newspaper 'De Volkskrant'.

The 26-year-old athlete denied carrying drugs in her vehicle, but was surprised by the Routine control of the German police. The Prosecutor's Office confirmed his identity hours after the arrest. Ghafoor was classified for the Doha World Cup of athletics with the 4x100 relay.

For its part, the Dutch Athletics Federation He has lamented the news and described the arrest of Ghafoor as "horror" for how it happened. "We expect new legal procedures to get a clear answer quickly."

"It is a private matter and we ask that this weekend, at the National Athletics Championship, athletes and coaches can have the opportunity to focus on their performance," the Federation added in its brief press release.


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