Arrested 36 people of a network that falsified bank cards for a fraud that exceeds one and a half million

Fraud exceeds one and a half million euros

The National Police has dismantled a criminal organization of Nigerian origin, which operated from Madrid, specializing in counterfeit bank cards, Internet fraud, forgery of documents and money laundering.

Its 36 members have been arrested for a fraud that exceeds one and a half million euros and has left affected in a total of 37 countries. The ‘Market operation’ began after an analysis of transactions with bank cards sold in specialized carding forums, which is what is called the illegitimate use of credit cards belonging to other people in order to obtain goods by fraud with them. This same analysis was also carried out in the underground markets of the ‘darkweb’, which is how the content that can be found by accessing the network with specific programs is known. The researchers found a point of compromise on the online platform of a well-known supermarket. In a systematic way, the establishment endured illegal actions because all its procedures for requesting, verifying and issuing bank cards had been violated and, as a consequence, more than 70 fraudulent bank cards had been issued, with which a fraud of more than 1,500,000 euros.

During the past year alone, the National Police has carried out various operations related to this same criminal typology, with a result of 32 disjointed criminal organizations or groups and more than 300 detainees. In this sense, from the Body they recommend paying attention to false search engine results, not sending photographs of the ID or paying through secure platforms to avoid possible fraud.


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