August 7, 2020

Arrested 15 people dedicated to stealing jewelry in Madrid

Agents of the National Police have arrested a total of 15 people as members of a criminal network dedicated to steal jewelry by the procedure of "love theft", has informed the Police Headquarters of Madrid.

The plot was made up of three organizations that acted jointly: one dedicated to the theft of jewels, another to receiving the stolen material and a third one in charge of giving out precious metals in the market.

The investigation began in the month of August last year, when agents learned of the sale of gold pieces of dubious origin in different houses of sale of second-hand products. In addition and in order to avoid police controls, the owner of one of these establishments "recorded the sales violating the tax legislation, thus being able to assure its implication in the criminal network ".

Throughout the investigation, it was found that the pieces of jewelery sold came from another of the groups specialized in robberies in which the same procedure was used in the subtraction, the known as "loving theft".

In all the facts the same method was repeated: people of age or with disabilities are approached by young women who show an affectionate attitude, even offering sexual favors, in a carelessness or sometimes using violence, subtracting valuable effects such as jewelry or money.

The investigators detected that the criminal actions were centered in the vicinity of a well-known shopping center and around health centers and religious temples. They also pretended to be an association of the disabled with the pretext of collecting signatures to approach tourists and get their portfolios.

This organization responsible for committing the robberies supplied the jewels obtained to the third group of the fabric, sometimes accompanied by minors, who carried the precious metals so as not to arouse suspicion in case of police action.

Finally, this group of citizens who formed the third organization, was responsible for output to precious metals through buyers in different provinces of the country and even to acquirers settled in Italy.

In the operation, a total of seven registers have been made involving a vehicle, almost 20,000 euros in cash In addition to money from other countries, 18 high-end mobile phones, watches, more than 1,400 grams of jewelry pieces, useful for the maintenance of metals and documents used as "crutches" to commit the thefts with anagrams of an association of the disabled.

The members of the entire criminal network proved to have "a great knowledge" of the world of the sale of jewelry, since some of them had worked running businesses dedicated to these metals, have stood out from Jefatura.

In this way, they took advantage of their contacts in this circle to help in the transactions, with the collaboration of consorts who contributed their personal documents, which allowed them to give appearance of legality and get "a better price for the material sold".

Finally, the agents located and detained seven individuals as alleged perpetrators of the events and it has been verified that the patrimonial damage to the victims amounted to almost one million euros. The investigation continues open and does not rule out that other similar criminal actions can be clarified.


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