Arrested 15 members of a plot that sold horse meat without guarantees

The Civil Guard has arrested fifteen people in Barcelona and investigates thirteen others for their alleged relationship with a plot that sold horse meat without guarantees for human consumption and with counterfeit labels.

As reported by the Civil Guard in a statement, the meat that distributed the plot was already withdrawn from the market in 2018, when the investigation began when errors were detected in the traceability of the product.

In the network are responsible and employees of a slaughterhouse, several livestock farms, as well as animal and veterinary traffickers who, between 2015 and 2018, allegedly falsified equine passports to classify batches of meat as fit for human consumption, in a way fraudulent

In the investigation, agents of the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard (Seprona), in collaboration with the departments of Health and Agriculture of the Generalitat, inspected 10,000 horses in slaughterhouses and livestock farms in the province of Barcelona.

In these inspections, 300 slaughtered horses were found to be in breach of the regulations for their consumption, in addition to 185 equine passports with indications of having been falsified.

They have also found a hundred animals that failed to comply with national and European regulations for slaughter and sale to the consumer.


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