July 8, 2020

Arran burns images of Felipe VI and judges at a demonstration of the Diada

The Arran youth organization, linked to the CUP, has burned several cardboard boxes with images that it considers emblematic of the "regime of 78", such as King Felipe VI or judges, during a demonstration held this midday in the center of Barcelona on the occasion of the Day of Catalonia.

In front of the cathedral of Barcelona and between songs of the antifascist anthem "Bella ciao", anti-system militants have set fire to several boxes with images that represent, among others, the royal family, the Judiciary – with a drawing reminiscent of Judge Manuel Marchena- already matches like Vox, PP, Cs and PSOE.

The youth demonstration, in which CUP members such as Carles Riera and Gabriela Serra have also participated, has been preceded by an act on Ferran Street, very close to Sant Jaume Square, to remember Gustau Muñoz, "communist militant and independentista who was killed by the police "in 1978.

Carrying stellar flags, others of lilac color and communist teachings, the march has advanced through the center of Barcelona until arriving at the cathedral between shouts of "Anticapitalists", "The fight is the only way" and "Against capital, direct action" .

The spokeswoman for Arran, Núria Martí, stressed that this organization has its own agenda and does not participate in the rest of the events organized by institutions or entities: "We will not meet with these people," she said.

And, in his opinion, the Government of Quim Torra is not defending as it should "the result of the October 1 referendum."

Despite criticism of the Government, he pointed out that they will seek unity with the rest of the supporters of independence to, for example, "demand amnesty for all political prisoners."

Along the same lines, the CUP deputy Carles Riera stressed that, after an eventual condemnation of the "procés" leaders, an "effort" must be made to respond in a unified manner, an answer that, in his opinion, would have to go through "civil and institutional disobedience."

"The challenge is evident," he continued, "we have an ethical and political duty that the response be massive."

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