Around the world electric car

Around the world electric car

The Dutch Wiebe Wakker completed a trip to Sydney today 95,000 kilometers, from Holland to Australia, at the wheel of a electric car with the objective of demonstrating that these vehicles help to combat climate change.

The activist celebrated the feat by watering the car with champagne and great happiness on his arrival in the Australian city, where an event was held at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

> «The hydrogen car has more future than the pure electric»

Wakker led the car, baptized as "the blue bandit", from Amsterdam and throughout 33 countries like Malaysia, India or Turkey, among others, in which according to ensures the protagonist is the longest electric car trip completed.

Finishing the journey has taken more than three years and has been financed through donations, including the electric charge of the car -whose battery has a range of about 200 kilometers per cycle-.

The role of the Dutchman is to demonstrate the advantages of these vehicles to achieve a sustainable world and the viability for everyday use.

According to the data of the adventure, a car with a gasoline engine would have consumed more than 6,750 liters of fuel to complete the same journey.


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