Around the world by motorcycle

Miquel, I was a student at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I studied law at La Granja many years ago.

In the year 89, 90, Victoria Macuira was a girl, who won the cum lauden award and was sent to Belgium on a scholarship. In Low Rate, with Los Pulpos with the student who played bass. I was friends with the manager. With a yamaha XC 250, and at that time. Four guys in the chalet who were throwing a fucking party.

I went to Huelva to do my fifth year because my girlfriend at the time went to Belgium and returned to the peninsula.

I collaborated with the New Spain when I was

Around the world that I give in the year 2011/2012, I film it on video by myself and there is a documentary that I am filming throughout that year. And I start in July 2011 and end in. I film that trip on video to post it on YouTube, but I start to tell it in a videoblog. When I return from around the world they interview me in a program called The Adventure of Knowledge in La 2 for having gone around the world. They see my videos and ask me to collaborate with my reportage videos. I keep traveling, I am going to Central Asia following a Spanish explorer who in the 15th century went to Samarkand and began to broadcast my videos in The Adventure of Knowledge. Later, an executive producer of the show raised the possibility of doing a complete series. I say yes. And as a result of that is when I start to prepare my Nomad program, which has worked quite well in La 2. I am also collaborating with a series on the Viajar Channel and with Amazon Prime with a program called Nomad Moto. They gave my program of the 2 the award for best cultural program, and now we have been nominated for the Iris award as best director.

It is a program that has been reasonably well received by critics and the public. The origin of all this is Around the World, but it took 8 years to publish the trip because it required a maturation to see what my personal evolution was. Around the world is very ambitious that has professional consequences because, from being an amateur trip, I end up becoming a director of documentaries for television and that is as a consequence of that first trip. and until my evolution was complete I felt that the story could not be told


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