Armengol assures that the Balearic Islands "have the material they currently need but much more is needed"

The President of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, has assured this Sunday in appearance before the media, after participating in the videoconference of regional presidents with the State Government that "the Balearic Islands have the material they currently need, but much more is needed" .

As reported by Armengol in a telematic press conference, "the Government tries to make purchases of medical equipment on its own and will continue along this line."

In this regard, he assured that the objective is "to guarantee protection measures for professionals exposed to the Covid-19 infection, as it is absolutely necessary."

Also, Armengol has reiterated that "the Balearic Islands works to have a controlled situation in front of the point of infection. At the moment there are many beds and also with the hotel sector in case hotels are necessary. In addition, each hospital has its contingency plan done".


On the other hand, the President of the Government has once again requested the State to "relax the rules of budgetary debt" so that "the island councils and municipalities can access the money they have in banks and put it at the service of citizens."

In this sense, it has called for "specific" resources and funds for the autonomous communities, with the intention, he added, of "being able to face the resources that are needed, such as rapid tests."


On the other hand, Armengol has also referred to the need to reinforce those who are "most vulnerable", as is the case of older people who are in the residence, but also at home and with previous pathologies.

In this sense, he recalled that the Balearic Islands made the decision that no one could be visited "very quickly" and also "immediately" coordinated the areas of Social Affairs and Health.

Also, currently it has been decided to establish, has announced, "different spaces according to possible infections" and "formulas have been devised to try to be with people in very hard times".


In the economic aspect, Armengol has asked the Government to include in the Temporary Employment Regulatory Records (ERTE) all discontinued jobs.

Also, he added, more measures for those who are self-employed. In this regard, he assured that "the Balearic Islands will need a very fast reorientation when the state of alarm ends because it depends on the economy of services and tourism."

Regarding the construction and industry sectors, he said that the Decree does not foresee stopping these sectors of the economy, and therefore he has called on the workers "to continue working with the appropriate measures."


Regarding tourism, the President of the Autonomous Executive has asked "to keep the ports and airports closed" although, she added, "guaranteeing outbound flights."

In this regard, he stressed that since Wednesday and until this Sunday a total of 17,500 people have left the Islands, which means "most" of tourists who were in the archipelago and making it clear that "if there are tourists left next week in the Balearic Islands it will be a very residual percentage ".

Also, in relation to the citizens of the Balearic Islands abroad, Armengol has assured that he is in "continuous" contact with the Government Delegation in the Balearic Islands, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulates.

So, it has recommended that people who are in this situation make it known in Embassies or Consulates, since the Govern has been put in "direct" contact with people of whom it has knowledge.


Finally, Armengol has been aware that prolonging the state of alarm for another 15 days is "a huge sacrifice and an economic blow for companies and workers."

Thus, he wanted to express his "appreciation" to public personnel who continue to work for citizens and to those who are also doing it from the private sector, "although their work is not seen, it is very important," he stressed.

In addition, he has sent his "condolences" to the families who have lost loved ones to the virus and to those who are suffering from the contagion. "They put all the resources to stop the virus," he assured.

Finally, he announced that next Sunday he will meet again by videoconference with the Government to assess, again, the state of the situation. Something that, he concluded, "is very important."


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