Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Arizona Armory unleashes controversy with "Back to School" promotion

An arms business in Arizona withdrew a promotion on Tuesday that it had called "Shoot now, pay later" and in which it used the phrase "Back to school", due to the controversy that unleashed at a time of shock by the latest shootings massive in the US

With nearly ten years in the market, Phoenix-based Tombstone Tactical sends weekly newsletters to more than 200,000 customers to promote their offers.

In the bulletin last Saturday, under the phrase "Shoot now, pay later", it read: "Now that the children have returned to school, it is the perfect time to take advantage of some excellent offers and specials that we have valued and that we placed among the lowest offers available in the country. "

Some clients and people who read the promotion showed their discontent, as is the case of Sofía Martínez, a Mexican immigrant who told Efe that this only increases the fear that already exists because of shootings in schools and public places.

However, the owner of the gun shop, Brian Smith, told local media that "there is no way we can promote violence" through these promotions.

In Smith's opinion, most people misunderstood the legend in the promotion, which was "to emphasize that we just spent a lot of money on our children and now it's time to spend some money on ourselves."

However, he apologized to those who may have bothered and today announced the withdrawal of advertising.

"These types of promotions are very dangerous, they can argue that it is sport or to defend themselves, but they also use them to kill putting the entire community at risk, more children in schools," said Martinez.

With the recent mass shootings in El Paso (Texas) and Dayton (Ohio), which left about thirty deaths, fear grows among the Hispanic community, which was the target of the man who shot at the first of those locations, as he confessed to police.

Martinez, who has an 8-year-old son, said that fear invades her every day she leaves her son at the school located in a Latin neighborhood in Maryvale, Arizona.

"I feel fear constantly because in this neighborhood there are shootings all the time, and now that racism and discrimination with these mass shootings has grown, you don't know how crazy you are going to enter the schools," he said.

Marty Ryan, a New Mexico customer who read the gun business newsletter, said he left it "shocked."

"I can't believe that these people put this together as a promotion. Especially when they use the phrase, 'now that the children have returned to school,'" he said.

Ryan owns weapons, but his daughter is a second grade teacher and her grandchildren returned to school on Monday.

"A school shooting is always behind our heads. It scares us all," he said.

Ryan sent an email to the store and Smith said he personally responded by explaining the confusion and apologizing.

Tombstone Tactical reported that they will do everything possible to promote gun safety and will have better control in future promotions.

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