July 29, 2021

Ariana Grande, Billboard Woman of the Year 2018

Ariana Grande, Billboard Woman of the Year 2018

Ariana Grande has been named Woman of the Year 2018 for Billboard. The American magazine will give the singer this award, which will be given next December 6 at the annual Women in Music awards gala In New York.

Thus, Ariana Grande relieved Selena Gómez, the previous winner of this award. The singer is preparing her next world tour, which will take place in March 2019 with her album "Sweetener", her fourth album. Ross Scarano, vice president of Billboard, praised the singer, of which she assures that she is worthy of this award: "She always defends herself and her decisions in a world that is often not hospitable to that kind of force in the young women. He has guts, he's making the best music of his career, and he's absolutely deserving of the Woman of the Year. "

In addition, the American has just published «Trank U, Next», a song that will name its next album and whose release will come out in the coming weeks.


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