Ariadna Alonso: "Being in the playoffs remains our first objective" - ​​La Provincia

Ariadna Alonso, one of the captains of Spar Gran Canaria, is optimistic as for the future of the team, starting with the important meeting this Saturday in Barcelona, where the yellow box will try to recover the path of victory before the third ranked of the group in the Women's League 2 Women's basketball Lima-Horta.

The island pivot lamented defeat at home last day before him Killed, but he wanted to emphasize that this stumbling block has not reduced the illusion and the delivery of a team that wants to fight until the end in each match try to get one of the playoff places, so they will go all out to try to win a team that was a leader until last day.

"It was a shame to lose to the Mataró; we fought until the end, but We accuse a little the absence of some players in the rotation and fatigue took its toll in the end, "he said.

In addition, Ariadna Alonso highlighted the role that coach José Carlos Ramos gives to the female players: "He is giving minutes to almost everyone and that is a great support, knowing that we have his confidence It gives us a lot of strength when it comes to demanding more and more in training and keep improving every day. "

The captain of the Spar Gran Canaria emphasizes that "We want to go to the playoffs", and that remains the objective "for all of us and we will continue to fight until the end to achieve it."

Ariadna Alonso analyzed the yellow team's next opponent: "It's a Catalan team and as such they always fight until the end, they are always waging war, but we are preparing the game very well, training very hard and I think we are prepared to win. "


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