Argentines Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn will direct Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz | Culture

At last, Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz will star in a movie. After delivering the Oscar to Pedro Almodóvar in 2000 for Everything about my mother, share a small sequence in The passenger lovers and match in the cast of Pain and glory -which is not on screen, because Cruz gives life to the young mother of the character of Banderas- the two interpreters will shoot their next film together in spring, a comedy entitled Official Competition

The project, which is shot in spring, has been written and directed by the Argentines Gastón Duprat Y Mariano Cohn, responsible for The man next door (2009) and The illustrious citizen (2016) and the demystifying documentary Everything about the roast (2018). Duprat has also directed My masterpiece (2018) and Cohn 4x4 (2019), both produced by Mediapro Studio, a company that is also behind Official Competition Spanish project of the Argentine duo.

Banderas and Cruz are two of the actors Almodóvar has supported his career, and together with Javier Bardem are the three Spanish interpreters who have been candidates for the Oscar: Bardem won it in 2008 as a secondary by No country for old men, Cross the following year as a secondary by Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and Banderas competes this year for Pain and glory The three will coincide again on Sunday 9 in the awards ceremony of the Hollywood Academy, since the actress will give the Oscar for the best international film, as he already did with Everything about my mother.


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