Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Argentine workers prepare a great march with an eye on the elections

Argentine workers prepare a great march with an eye on the elections

Argentine unions will march on Thursday in a crowded demonstration in Buenos Aires that will take place less than seven months before the presidential elections, for which Héctor Daer, one of the leaders of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), called for "unity" to the opposition.

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Daer called for "a great political agreement that allows the containment of all" to the candidacy of the president, Mauricio Macri, before whose government they will protest this Thursday for their economic course, with increases in tariffs in public services and the increasing poverty rate , located at 32%.

In a statement to local radio Futurock, Daer, one of the three general secretaries of the triumvirate of the CGT, said that "not enough" with divided formulas.

Argentina continues without a firm candidacy on the part of the opposition in the absence of six months for the presidential elections, which will take place in October.

The former president Cristina Fernández (2007-2015) is one of those who sounds like a possible candidate, but faces several legal cases for corruption this year, while the former Minister of Economy Roberto Lavagna is another of the candidates that aspires to dispute the Presidency conservative Macri.

"The only thing that this economic model is missing is to destroy the labor legislation, we have to look for an alternative that overcomes this," said Daer.

The leader of the CGT, one of the convenors of the mobilization on April 4, confirmed that it will be about "the debate on a model of a country that differs absolutely in everything with the model that this government is carrying out."

He referred in this sense to privatizations, social sustainability and a productive apparatus that considers that it diminishes the "possibilities of growth".

"It ends up being a country for few with a market of financial speculation," he said.

Daer did not rule out a new general strike during 2019 if there is a new setback for Argentina in the macroeconomy and the consumer price index continues to rise.

The Argentine peso had a relapse last week against the dollar and came to be at 44.90 pesos, although it started this week at 43.70 pesos.

The country's inflation in February was 3.8% and reached 51.3% in the last twelve months.

For all this, Daer expects that tomorrow is "a very important march" with the concurrence of "the largest number of workers" to help establish the "debate" on the model that is wanted for Argentina, a few months before the appointment electoral.

After elementary compulsory voting on August 11 in which the final candidates of each party will be decided, on October 27 general elections will take place, in which the new president of the country will be elected, half of the Chamber will be renewed of Deputies for the next four years and one third of that of Senators until 2025.

Several are already the politicians of Peronist orientation - the majority ideological current in the Parliament - that have presented their pre-candidacy to the presidential ones, and Macri has already confirmed in several interviews that he will opt for reelection.

The Workers' Confederation of Argentina, another of the trade union confederations calling for the march, asked the government to "declare the state of food and nutritional emergency, the tariff emergency in public services, the housing emergency and the occupational emergency" in the country.


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