Argentine teachers will stop this Thursday against the closing of night schools

Argentine teachers will stop this Thursday against the closing of night schools

Teachers from Buenos Aires called for a strike and mobilizations on Thursday to protest against the resolution of the city government to close 14 night high schools, and asked the legislators of the capital to vote in favor of a new project to protect them.

Representatives of the Union of Education Workers (UTE) and the teaching association Ademys, and the general secretary of the UTE, Eduardo López, said in a press conference that it is the "first time since the return of democracy that the Government of the city of Buenos Aires closes schools ".

Lopez asked that they update the programs of the night schools instead of closing them, since they are necessary because they are attended by many people who "work in the morning and study at night", something that makes it impossible for them to go to day and afternoon centers .

The professors will be mobilized in front of the doors of the Buenosairean Legislature, where a project of Emergency of renewal of the decision of the Government will be treated in an extraordinary session, that took the signature of the Buenosairean minister of Education, Soledad Acuña.

According to Lopez, the teachers will prepare the mobilization from this Wednesday with a day of protest, cessation of tasks, camping and overnight stays against the closure of at least 14 schools.

"This government campaigned saying there are many 'nini', these are not 'nini', but they study and work," said Lopez, adding that young people who go to nightclubs "can not take a remis (taxi) and go to a school 30 blocks away ", something that can push them to" drop out of school ".


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