June 23, 2021

Argentine teachers call a new national educational strike due to riots

The Confederation of Education Workers of Argentina (Ctera) on Thursday called a national teacher strike on Friday due to police action against their peers protesting today in the province of Chubut (south), they informed from the union.

La Ctera, the largest educational union entity in the southern country, made the decision just hours after the altercations between police and demonstrating teachers in the southern city, "in the face of the brutal repression suffered by Chubut education workers while conducting a March".

In the images of the rally, where trade union leader Santiago Goodman was arrested, you can see how police and protesters clash in the town of Rawson.

The protesters protested in front of the House of Government of the province, governed by the Peronist Mariano Arcioni, whose government Ctera demands the "urgent release" of Goodman and the "immediate cessation of repression."

They also asked the Government of the country, still chaired by Mauricio Macri – who will deliver the command to the Peronist Alberto Fernández on December 10, which is "urgent" the solution to the problems of workers.

Argentina is going through a serious economic crisis since April 2018, inflation is 54.5 in the last twelve months – according to the last official data of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), of September -, and a devaluation of the local currency.

Also, in the statement published on their social networks and signed by the secretary general, Sonia Alesso, they asked for a solution to the educational conflict in Chubut, which according to Ctera corresponds to a "late payment" and a "paralysis" of the services doctors offered by the union.

Argentina experienced two consecutive national work stoppages in September, also because of the strong tension experienced by these workers in Chubut: the first after Chubut teachers said they had been assaulted by personal employees during a road cut they made, and the second after two teachers died in a road accident after returning from protests.

Teachers also criticize that Arcioni has a project to raise wages 100%, while they suffer delays in their salaries.

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