May 13, 2021

Argentine media are awarded for their work in the pandemic

Buenos Aires, Dec 17 (EFE) .- The Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (Adepa), the main institution of national journalism, awarded this Thursday its Grand Prize of Honor to the Argentine media and journalists for their informative work throughout the year in the coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

“There is no doubt that in such a complex and challenging year for our industry, our most important award went to all the Argentine media and journalists for their work in the covid-19 pandemic,” the president said in a virtual ceremony of the Executive Council of Adepa, Martín Etchevers.

The Grand Prize of Honor, the highest institutional distinction awarded by the entity, was created in 2016 to highlight personalities or institutions from the country or abroad for their commitment to freedom of expression and professional and independent journalism and in favor of quality democratic.

In his speech, Etchevers said that although the award has always been received by “clearly individualized individuals or groups of people”, this year it was important that the recognition be “universal”, as the pandemic was universal, “which hit us all and it put everyone in front of similar challenges. ”

The objective was therefore to highlight the media and journalists from all corners of the country and all technological platforms because “from the first day they were present as an essential activity so that each Argentine can be informed and prevented,” he clarified.

“All these media, beyond their differences, had to keep their newsrooms open, learn to take care of themselves with protocols without stopping working, think about how they obtained the resources to continue working when income plummeted, they had to live with the disease among their own collaborators, had to face the uncertainty, “he remarked.

The event was also attended by Dr. Fernando Polack, an infectious disease doctor who coordinates in Argentina a section of global trials of one of the coronavirus vaccines, and who spoke about how journalism and the media have been part of his life since his childhood, both in his years living in Argentina and abroad.

“The newspapers are a cord that unites us with Argentina and really perhaps the last one to break is who decides not to have ties with us. I know people of 30 and 40 years of life abroad who never stop opening the newspaper to the tomorrow and they are always commenting on a topic they find in it, “he recalled.

Already last week, Adepa held in another virtual event the delivery of the 31st edition of its Adepa Journalism Awards, with the photographer from the Efe Agency Juan Ignacio Roncoroni among the winners.


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