May 14, 2021

Argentine abortion law should also give options to have babies

Argentine President Alberto Fernández said Tuesday that his “decision” is to send Congress the legal abortion bill in 2020 and that he wants it to guarantee both the option to terminate the pregnancy and give better answers to women who They want to have their baby.

“In the next project we have to guarantee everyone, everything. We have to guarantee the woman who wants to abort, the possibility of abortion and we have to guarantee the woman who wants to have it, that she can have it,” Fernández said in dialogue with Radio Continental. on New Year’s Eve.

The president, who had already expressed his position in favor of abortion in the past and has always described it as “a public health problem,” added in the interview other points that he said should contain the law and that were defended in the last debate over the self-styled collective “provida”, how to facilitate adoptions.

In that sense, he called “to generate a debate on transit families, to quickly define rapid mechanisms of adoption”, as well as to give “conditions of prosperity” to women who are in poverty but want to have their child.

“Let’s give him the conditions to live happily in the world,” he said.

He also referred to the improvement of “contraceptive education”, a topic led to debate by the sectors in favor of legal abortion.


Argentina already debated in 2018, without prospering, a law for legal abortion that caused social division between defenders and detractors of voluntary termination of pregnancy – currently, the legislation of the South American country allows abortion only under certain assumptions.

Those who were in favor of the law wore green scarves and those who were against wore blue scarves, and Fernandez called to end these totally opposite conceptions of the debate.

“We have to end the logic of Boca-River, the green scarf and the blue scarf, with the logic that says the green scarf is progressive and the blue scarf is a retrograde,” he reflected.

On the text, he confirmed that he wants to send it for Parliament to discuss in the year that begins on Wednesday.

“My decision is to send it (the law) in this 2020 exercise, I would like us to have a sensible debate, not a debate like the one we had (in 2018),” he said, while stressing that he considers that currently the woman who interrupts his pregnancy in Argentina “puts his life at risk” and that he does not want “more people to die” for abortion.


These statements are given after last December 18 Fernandez received the dome of the Argentine Episcopal Conference, at a meeting in which the bishops expressed their “unease” by a protocol announced by the new Government that makes non-punishable abortion more flexible under the grounds already provided by law.

Although the termination of pregnancy is legal in Argentina if there is a risk of life for the mother or has been the result of a rape, doctors in the country can avail themselves of conscientious objection to avoid abortion.

In the country there have been several cases of girls – older and younger than 13 years old – who wanted to abort and, due to conflicts with the authorities of their province, their own family or the doctors in charge, because of conscientious objection, they could not do what.

Therefore, the protocol, published in the Official Gazette, although respecting the individual right not to perform abortion, determines that at the institutional level a health response must be given.

Although the measure is limited to the already legal grounds, the Episcopal Conference assured that the protocol presented by the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, “in practice authorizes free abortion.”

“The Church has always defended and will defend all life from conception in a firm and clear way,” said the representatives of the Catholic Church in a statement released after the meeting with the president.


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