Argentina swaps $ 626 million of debt for other securities in pesos

Argentina exchanged a total of 626 million dollars in Treasury bonds on Friday for other longer-term securities nominated in Argentine pesos and reaching 32,862 million pesos (485.59 million dollars), official sources reported.

In a statement, the Ministry of Economy indicated that they received the figure of 1,598 orders to convert securities for those 626 million dollars of lets and the dual bond AF20.

In exchange for them, the Executive presiding over Alberto Fernández gave Boncer titles, with maturities in 2022, 2023 and 2024, denominated in Argentine pesos and with a yield associated with a coefficient linked to inflation.


Since Alberto Fernández assumed the Presidency of Argentina at the end of 2019, the South American country has carried out several operations in the domestic market, either to exchange titles for others with longer terms, or to obtain funds to apply to the cancellation of successive maturities. of interest and capital that must be faced this year.

As reported on Monday by the Ministry of Economy, so far this year Argentina has held 17 tenders in the domestic market to place titles in pesos, which has allowed it to refinance debts for 315,000 million pesos (4,548 million dollars), down "substantially" interest rates and lengthening the maturity profile.

At the same time, Argentina seeks to exchange in the international market for bonds issued under foreign legislation for 66,239 million dollars.

This Monday the Fernández government extended until May 22 the deadline for private creditors to adhere to the offer that Argentina launched just over three weeks ago to restructure the bonds of foreign legislation.

The acceptance period expired initially last Friday, but Argentina decided to extend it with a view to reaching an agreement with the bondholders.


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