June 23, 2021

Argentina places treasury bills and bonds for 204 million dollars

The Argentine government on Thursday placed treasury bills expiring this year worth 3,600 million pesos (58.31 million dollars) and bonds that expire in 2021 worth 9.001 million pesos (145.79 million dollars).

In a statement from the Ministry of Economy, led by Martín Guzmán, the portfolio reported that it received 845 orders to purchase treasury bills in pesos for a total of 27,455 million pesos in nominal value (444.89 million dollars).

This is a tender announced on Wednesday and that closed on Thursday at 15 hours (18 GMT hours) with which the Government tries to obtain pesos for maturities that are planned in the short term.

The Government awarded letters lebads for a total of 2,588 million pesos (41.94 million dollars), due on May 28.

The cut-off price was 1,042.41 pesos for each nominal value of 1,000 pesos, which means an annual nominal rate of 37.39% and an annual internal effective rate of return of 42.95 percent.

The total of lebads due on May 28, 2020 amounts to 21,588 million pesos (349.82 million dollars).

Regarding the lebads that expire on August 28, 2020, a total of 1,012 million pesos ($ 16.40 million) were awarded, with an annual nominal rate of 40.40% and an annual internal effective rate of return of 44 , 46 percent.

In total, there are outstanding lebads on August 28, 2020 for a nominal value of 13,318 million pesos (215.81 million dollars).

The Government Economy portfolio indicated that “due to the amount of offers received” in the bidding of the so-called BADLAR bonds +100 basis points due in 2021, they decided to increase the total amount to be awarded that had been announced.

A total of BADLAR +100 basis points worth 9,001 million pesos ($ 145.79 million) were awarded.

The cut-off price was 1,089.00 pesos per 1,000 pesos of nominal value, which represented a nominal annual rate of 34.55% and an effective internal rate of return of 32.38 percent.

There are, in total, BADLAR bonds + 100 basis points with maturity in 2021 for a nominal value of 10,345 million pesos (167.56 million dollars), according to the Argentine Government.


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