March 1, 2021

Argentina looks "much more now" to Venezuela

The presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez affirmed on Saturday that Argentina resembles Venezuela "much more now than before", based on the year-on-year inflation rate that last May, the last month of official data, reached 57.3 percent.

"Argentina is totally out of the world, we look like Venezuela much more than before, we pay higher rates than those paid in Venezuela, we are the second or third country with inflation after Venezuela. is critical of the situation that has occurred in Venezuela, "he said in statements to Radio Miter.

Fernandez, number one in the lists of the Peronist Front of All for the October elections, was very critical of the management of President Mauricio Macri, whom he described as "deplorable".

"Let's not deceive the people anymore, Macri has created problems that did not exist, his management has been deplorable," he added.

The formula mate of the ex president Cristina Fernández (2007-2015) drew an uncertain future in which the country is "virtually in default" (suspension of payments), due to the high external debt and the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which in 2018 granted him a loan of 56,300 million dollars for three years.

"Macri's legacy is of a very large international weakness, the debt is huge, of very difficult payment, Argentina is virtually in default, it is not because the Fund (IMF) keeps sending money, not to pay debt but for the speculation that we are seeing, "he stressed.

The origin of the debt that the country carries also attributed to Macri and to the way in which his Executive tried to remedy the flight of capital abroad.

"It is a very serious problem (the flight of foreign currency). (…) Macri solved it in a perverse way, asking for dollars and generating the debt we have," he said.

On the trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union ratified last week, he affirmed that it is an "electoralist" measure.

"Enough to lie to people, it's too much," he concluded.

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