Argentina disseminates list of people who skipped the exchange restriction

The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) released on Friday a list with the names of some 430 people who allegedly bought more than $ 10,000 in a month, despite the exchange restrictions that apply from September 1, when the Government saw forced to take measures to stop capital flight.

In a communication sent to financial institutions and operators, houses and exchange agencies, the monetary authority ensures that, in the current regulatory framework, without the prior authorization of the Bank, they should not proceed for the moment "to exchange operations, or where appropriate, upon its cancellation ", in the name or on behalf of a list of persons whose name, surname and document number were given.

On September 1, the Government of Mauricio Macri published a decree that obliges exporters to liquidate foreign currency in the local market and a prior authorization will be required for the purchase of foreign currency in the currency exchange and to make transfers to the Exterior.

Specifically, when buying currencies, the maximum monthly amount for individuals will be $ 10,000, and prior authorization will be required for purchases that exceed that amount.

Also, in the case of transfers of funds from accounts abroad, the maximum will also be $ 10,000 per person per month.

These measures came after several weeks of severe turbulence in the markets after the setback suffered by the ruling party in the primary on August 11, which caused a sharp devaluation.

The BCRA communication known today encompasses people who, for example, bought dollars in different banks and managed to circumvent the purchase limit, since each bank did not have a way of knowing the currencies that a customer buys in other entities.

Local media detailed that if someone on the list considers that there is an error, they should go to the BCRA offices to clarify their situation.

If not, a judicial summary will be submitted to each of those appointed to detect if there was a crime for not complying with the exchange regulations.

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