Argentina – Brazil: The hour of Icardi, the malquerido | sports

Argentina - Brazil: The hour of Icardi, the malquerido | sports

The doors of the Albiceleste were opened for Batistuta and Crespo before crossing the puddle. Then, in the nineties, the Argentine league did not export footballers without a pedigree. First you had to carve out your popularity at home, then knock on the doors of Europe. In the 21st century, everything changed. To the soccer players it reaches to them with a handful of good parties in First to jump to Europe. Saviola debuted with Argentina in February 2002, after signing for Barcelona in the summer of 2001. A case similar to that of Agüero: he joined Atletico in May 2006 and his first match with the absolute played in September of the same year. A Tevez the jump cost him a little less, because a few months before leaving Boca, Marcelo Bielsa called him for the Predie de Ezeiza. Gonzalo Higuain, however, had it complicated: I need to score 33 goals in LaLiga for Maradona to call him in 2009. Much harder he had, in any case, Mauro Icardi (25 years old).

Raised in the quarry of Barça, in 2011 he went to Sampdoria. At that time, with Messi of false 9, it seemed impossible to earn a place as a center forward at the Camp Nou. He debuted in the first team of the Samp in May 2012. For those issues that have more to do with bureaucratic than soccer matters, in 2013 they made him play seven minutes with the Argentine shirt. It was not something that Spain or Italy steal to Argentina to one of his talents. Icardi had to score 85 goals in Serie A to reappear in Ezeiza.

The long wait of Icardi did not respond exclusively to football reasons. Although eclipsed by Higuaín and Agüero, his record highlighted a dispute with Maxi López, former Barça player and friend of Mascherano: Lopez's wife left him for Icardi.

Despite the fact that the heavyweights of the national team never explicitly vetoed Icardi, no coach was encouraged to call it. It was not a question of egos being sensitized. Jorge Sampaoli broke the silence. In 2017, he gave Argentina 9; he played 179 minutes, he did not score. None of the referents publicly claimed him as they did, for example, with Higuain, white of the mockery of the fans for their lack of marksmanship. "It is fundamental and it has to be," said Messi.

He did not go to Russia

Sampaoli did not take it to Russia. The attackers chosen by the technician were Higuaín and Agüero, two referents, members of the small table, as it was known to the group led by Messi and Mascherano. "There is a lot of difference between his game at Inter and in Argentina. Every Sunday demonstrates its quality, but the adaptation time is short and we have to prioritize relations in the field, "said Sampaoli to justify Icardi's absence at the World Cup. Neither Agüero (two goals) nor Higuaín (zero) were consolidated as Messi's pocket, much less in Russia. Argentina went to the first change of the World Cup and in the AFA there were no more doubts: it was the end of a stage for a generation of soccer players that had led the Albiceleste to three finals (Copa América 2015 and 2016 and Mundial 2014) .

Two names led the new stage, Dybala and Icardi. Of the 10 of Juve still no news. Icardi, yes, illusion. "We all need you to dial. But the fact that he plays gives us peace of mind, "says Lionel Scaloni, coach of the Albiceleste. While in Argentina they wait for it to succeed, in Europe they do not hesitate. "I'm a big fan of Icardi. If it were the Madrid I would sign it immediately. He is a specialist in the area as a Christian, "said Capello.

It's Icardi's moment in Argentina, the time of the malquerido. Nothing less than today in a friendly (19.45, Vamos) against Brazil.

Dybala does not get hooked
the Albiceleste

The hour of Icardi, the malquerido

Before taking the reins of the Argentine national team, Sampaoli dreamed of the Messi-Dybala society. "It's hard to play with Leo," complained the Juve striker. "Either we did not know how to locate Paulo or he did not adapt to our idea, which is different from Juve. It is difficult for him to assemble and we have to evaluate if those who are better than him ", said the Sevilla technician. Finally, Dybala traveled to Russia. He played only a few minutes against Croatia. The arrival of Scaloni – and the absence of Messi – opened a new door for the attacker of the Vecchia Signora. But he did not play against Guatemala in the debut of Scaloni (3-0), he played 36 minutes against Colombia (0-0) and played the whole match against Iraq (4-0). Never stressed. The coach plans to leave him out of the classic against Brazil.

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