March 7, 2021

Argentina and Paraguay advance in their fluvial integration

Argentina and Paraguay agreed to advance at various points in their fluvial integration, in particular to improve circulation through the waterway integrated by the Paraná and Paraguay rivers, official sources reported Wednesday.

These agreements were reached in a meeting on navigation and fluvial issues held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Buenos Aires with representatives of both countries.

According to the Argentine Foreign Ministry in a statement, "important results were obtained" at the meeting.

At the meeting, both countries established technical cooperation mechanisms in the area of ​​training and training of navigators, with the aim of advancing on the figure of the Paraguay-Paraná waterway pilot and on the training, qualification and training of the personnel on board.

In the area of ​​Alto Paraná, it was agreed to promote navigation along this upper section of the river shared by both countries with the ultimate goal of achieving the dredging and signaling of this navigable highway in northern Argentina, "which will benefit their regional economies ", highlights the statement

In addition, they agreed to place modern mooring systems and speed up the crossing of barges by the Yacyretá dam, the hydroelectric plant shared between Argentina and Paraguay.

Likewise, the Paraguayan private sector committed to transporting a greater amount of cargo from Argentine producers under competitive conditions, "which will result in lower logistics costs and boost the operations of the ports" of the Argentine provinces of the Northeast, highlighted the Government of Mauricio Macri.

On the other hand, an action plan was agreed to combat drug trafficking in the shared river stretches, which includes joint control operations by both Prefectures (coastguard force) and coordinated inspections at ports and mooring points.

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