September 21, 2020

Arganda will create a help line of 500,000 euros for those affected by rains

The mayor of Arganda del Rey, Guillermo Hita, has announced that the Consistory will create a municipal line of direct aid for those affected by the floods of August 26 and September 15, with a total amount of 500,000 euros.

The aid will be specially destined to the shops of the center, where the most significant losses have been recorded, in addition to those who have suffered damages in garages and low houses.

Municipal sources have explained to Efe that it will be done through credit transfer from other local items.

During this day, representatives of the Government and municipal technicians are studying from what other items that amount can be deducted to transfer it to a municipal emergency aid fund.

In addition, the mayor has said that the three million aid approved by the Government of Madrid for all the towns in the southeast affected by the storm on Sunday is "clearly insufficient."

Hita has apostilled that "he does not want to appear ungrateful" and has stressed that "everything that is received is good", but considers that it is not a sufficient game, since several villages have been affected.

The City Council abounds that "there is no doubt that other municipalities have also suffered" the consequences of the rains, but underline that Arganda has been affected twice by floods.

On the other hand, today it has begun to clean the known as the tunnel of the mouth, on the outskirts of the urban center of Arganda, which was stuck in mud after the floods that were in the old town and that reached that infrastructure.

The Canal de Isabel II and the municipal technicians have begun to remove "urgently" all the mud, so that it is clean before the rain forecasts for next Friday.

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