Aretha Franklin plays in Carrizal

The singer Nereida Peña stars in the concert at the Plaza del Buen Suceso, in Carrizal. / C7

The singer Nereida Peña joins as a guest artist at the concert 'Soul!', which the band of the Villa de Ingenio Musical Society offers this Friday

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Aretha Franklin, Bonie M, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, among other great artists, will sound
this Friday, starting at 9:30 p.m., in the Parque del Buen Suceso de Carrizalin the concert called
'Soul!'which the band of the Villa de Ingenio Musical Society will offer free of charge within the framework of the patron saint festivities of the aforementioned urban center of Ingenio.

The new show of the aforementioned band directed by the teacher
Jose Bucetawill star the
singer Nereida Peña.

Organized and produced by the Department of Celebrations of the City Council of Ingenio and the production company Camino Viejo Producciones, 'Soul!' contemplates in the repertoire that the band of the Villa de Ingenio Musical Society will perform, great classics of the
soul, funky and disco music from the 70s and 80s.

The singer born in Ingenio, Nereida Peña, who is devoted to Aretha Franklin, Etta James or Whitney Houston, is not the first time she has collaborated with the aforementioned band. Peña, who was involved in the concert also offered in Carrizal in 2018,
'Summer Rock', assures that «this repertoire is a gift, almost like a treat» and defends the idea that «singers do not choose the musical genre that best suits us, but rather the genre chooses us. For me this has been the case with soul, the genre that I feel has chosen me and a concert dedicated to it is pure gold for me».


The winner of the first musical 'talent show' on the Netflix platform, premiered in more than 190 countries, highlights from the chosen repertoire her predilection for 'Think', a song by Aretha Franklin, known as
'Lady Soul'which will perform at the concert.

"The one from Memphis has been, in addition to being one of the most influential artists in contemporary music, a referential singer in my repertoire whom I deeply admire," adds Nereida, who also performed the song
'natural woman' at the show's auditions
Antena 3's 'La Voz' in which he participated last year.

Director Jose Buceta. /


For the artist, working with the Ingenio band «is an enriching experience.
I work from peace because there is always a 'feeling' given that it is not the first time that we have shared a project together and that is always a guarantee of success, but above all of enjoyment on stage. From the first moment they count on me, I say yes, without thinking twice. Singing and doing what I like at home is worth twice as much and if the invitation comes from the Banda de Ingenio, even better, since it always reminds me of my roots, where I come from and where I took my first steps as a professional singer.
Recognizing our roots and where we come from, makes us establish ourselves as artists and people», says Nereida Peña.


The director of the band of the Villa de Ingenio Musical Society, José Buceta, explains that for years «
we propose concerts of music known by the public and easy to play so that they can be enjoyed by both the musician and those who listen to it, in a relaxed setting and outdoors in summer. The repertoire and staging must be consistent with all of this », he adds.

However, Buceta points out that “putting together a repertoire that includes singers is always complicated because a very differentiating factor is added: the voice. It influences aspects such as the role of each of the strings in the music band in the ensemble,
fix some sheet music so that the voice stands out and is not overlapped by other instruments or the mere fact of preparing the
rehearsal schedule», anticipates the director.

«Playing arrangements of songs with singers adds extra difficulty for the musician since he must adapt his way of playing to the way in which the singer interprets the song.
Sometimes we think that putting on a repertory concert symphonic and with great instrumentation is more complicated, but experience always teaches us that even the repertoire that a priori seems simpler can become a real mountain that costs to crown».

In any case, the director highlights that the symbiosis between Nereida and the musicians in the rehearsals for the 'Soul!' concert, far from becoming a problem, "has been
a bet for overcoming which is turning rehearsals into an authentic seventies party”, concludes José Buceta.

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