Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

“Are you threatening me?”, The discussion between Aganzo and a journalist for the salary of the footballers

The Association of Spanish Soccer Players reminded the clubs that are thinking of carrying out an ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation Files) “a series of important aspects” that are established in Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 on extraordinary urgent measures by of the Government regarding the coronavirus health crisis and warned them to “denounce” those who execute this measure without prior notice to the union. LaLiga and AFE are seeking an agreement on how to act.

According to Cope, the players wanted to lower their salary by 10 percent, but then they would raise their salary more if more had to be played.

Aganzo denied the news and there was an engagement with a journalist.

The president of the AFE told him that he was lying and slandering. Be careful with the words you use, eliminate defamation “said Alcalá “Are you threatening me?” Replies Aganzo, who denied that an agreement has been reached so that the players receive more if they barely have a break when all this ends. In addition, the AFE confirmed that “it has learned that some club has not informed the representation of the footballers when it comes to launching an ERTE, despite the fact that it is clearly stated in the Royal Decree-law.” “AFE will denounce, as it has already done in some cases, this type of practices promoted by a club, which has not reported in detail to the footballers nor has it done so with the union,” he warned. “As the provisions of the Royal Decree-Law have not been complied with in any case, AFE has already informed a club, something it will continue to do, which will transfer the situation to the competent labor authority,” continued the association chaired by David. Aganzo. As for women’s football, the union recalled that the aforementioned Royal Decree-Law “is subsequent” to the signing of the first Collective Agreement. “From what we understand and hope that the club / s in question will have conveniently transferred to the labor authority the updating of the contracts in accordance with the provisions of the agreement,” he said. “Finally, we want to remember that the State of Alarm decreed throughout the country does not mean living in a State of Illegality,” sentenced the Association of Spanish Soccer Players.

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