February 26, 2021

Are you looking for information about your future job? Thanks to the GoWork platform, you can review opinions about companies from different parts of the world




To find the answers you need, simply visit the companies section or ask your question on the platform Gowork.com. Its constantly updated content and information will help you discover if your CV is worth submitting, or what to expect in a future position.

Go Work.com– Opinions about employers

Gowork.com is a huge global database of employer and business opinions. Contains information about 65 million companies from almost anywhere in the world. With simple ideas about each company, this information helps people understand the job market. Employees or former employees can share experiences, leave comments about your company anonymously and rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

Gowork’s mission is to take care of the quality of dialogue

Gowork says that for them, the truth has always been the most important thing. This company fights against unfair treatment by employers. They are aware that the labor market situation is difficult and many people need to work to survive. However, mistreatment, abuse and violation of the law cannot be allowed. Each person deserves due respect and a decent remuneration for their work.

The platform aims to allow you to add opinions or experiences that you lived with your old or current company, both good and bad. To increase user comfort, lComments are added anonymously. However, it is important to say that in this forum, the main rule is freedom of expression. The Gowork team makes every effort to ensure that reviews comply with regulations, meaning that they are written in a cultural way.

As we have already mentioned, they try to carry out a dialogue between the employee and the employer. His work consists of pstop the spread of hate and false information On the Internet, therefore, GoWork employees verify the existence of each company and ensure that there is no unnecessary spam in their information thread.

It is normal for people to write about their dissatisfaction more than about their joys at work. However, on this platform you can see many posts that praise the working conditions and attitudes of some entrepreneurs.

Gowork.com offers the opportunity to comment on employers for free. Therefore, we encourage you to use this site actively. Your opinion can help someone make the right decision about the next step in their career. Each contribution from users is a step forward to improve the situation of the labor market.

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