Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Are you going to rent your house? Beware of cheat payrolls

There have been legal violations in which “the last three payrolls and the tenant’s employment contract have been falsified”

The swings that threaten the economy are also noticeable in the housing market. Specifically in matters of rental properties. It is true that, until a few months ago, public bodies such as the City Council of Barcelona faced orders of expulsion to tenants due to the real estate rental in order to convert them into tourist flats. Now, the question focuses on the data of fakes registered in this market which, according to the Rental Negotiating Agency (ANA), “the 10% of payrolls of users are retouched to reach the percentage of 30 or 35% required to rent a home ”. A panorama that has been produced with reason of the rent price increase in locations such as the Community of Madrid itself, where “rents that were concentrated very cheaply seven or eight years ago have risen or have been revalued,” explains the director of the Agency, José Ramón Zurdo, while the income of the tenants has not They have followed the same path.

This “touch-up” or “forgery” of payrolls “is usually simple,” says Left-Handed. While it is true that what is usually done is “change the final payroll number”, it is also part of the falsehood detection process “the retoque in the different concepts and figures, as well as the corresponding summations ”, that is to say, in the different sections in which it ends up removing the mask from the“ forger ”. However, the issue is not there. The operation of the payment of any rent follows a specific procedure, in which, with the passage of time, the tenant’s last three payrolls, the income statement and the employment contract have been completed, in order to verify the user solvency. In this scenario, they have also occurred legal violations, so much that “they have even falsified the last three payrolls and the tenant’s employment contract, which, as demonstrated, had never served the company that claimed to have done so,” says the director of the Negotiating Rental Agency .

At the same time, some Internet forums circulate cases such as that of a couple of tenants who intend to move, and who claim to be able to pay it. The dilemma is given by the fact that one of them charges “in black” and “very well” that goes the society of which he says he owns, does not have a payroll to justify it. The question of this user on the platform addresses: what risk could have to falsify the payroll? A doubt that extends at the same rate as the falsifications of insufficient income.

The real-estate market It is thus going through a complex situation in which “real housing policies are needed, that consider the interests and needs of the tenants and the owners and that help to meet the demand for the rental property,” says the Insurance Rental Director, David Carballo. In this way, cases such as those collected by the Rental Negotiating Agency would be avoided. “The Government must remember that the rent is very sensitive to any change”, Warns Carballo, who also points out that the announcement of regulatory policies during the past year“ caused the opposite effect to the one sought, increasing the income of the new contracts due to the contraction of the offer ”. In this context, the question that covers many of the tenants in Spain is whether the same route that Denmark now proposes will be followed in our country: Will the price of rentals in large cities be frozen from the purchase and subsequent renewal of a living place?


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