Are you going to miss THE PROVINCE / DLP for less than 2 euros a month?

Enjoy your subscription to La Provincia. The leading newspaper in the Canary Islands offers as a special promotion As a reason for Black Friday, a subscription for the next three months of only 5.99 euros that allows a saving of 50%, which is less than 2 euros per month. And if you do the math, you will see that the subscription costs less than 2 cents a day to stay informed for the next three months. From the fourth month the monthly subscription would be 3.99 euros. You really can't miss it. Having all the information from the leading newspaper in the Canary Islands is as simple as clicking on this link. Subscribe!

The annual subscription to the website of La Provincia gives access to all the information published in the different paper editions of the newspaper and to the breaking news posted in the digital edition. Also to the supplements and all the multimedia contents that enrich the web and that complete a unique bet for local information in the Canary Islands.

We have other subscription options for less time. If you prefer to subscribe for just one month and renew month by month, the price is 3.99 euros, which goes out to 13 cents a day.

Keeping this offer of competitive prices, La Provincia, the leading newspaper in the Canary Islands both in its paper and digital editions, wants to strengthen its commitment to the reader.


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