Are you autonomous? So you can improve the experience of your customers - La Provincia

There are many challenges thatnew technologiesThey raise freelancers and small entrepreneurs. These professionals need to be aware of all the news of the ever-changing digital world with the aim ofmake the most of your business. With the aim of guiding them on this path, a series of workshops have been launched that will cover several Spanish cities in the coming week.

This initiative, which is driven by theVodafone Observatory of the Company, seeks to improve the customer experience of the aforementioned professionals and obtain benefits for your business. The workshops, designed 'ad hoc' depending on the sector in which the students operate,are taught by innovation experts. These will give the guidelines to activate proposals that attract and surprise future clients.

"There is no better way to learn than to be in contact with companies, regardless of their size," he says.María Babé, Director of the Vodafone Spain Professional and Small Business Segment. In this way "we know first hand the concerns and problems faced by small Spanish entrepreneurs and freelancers from different sectors."

Each workshop ends with the sharing of the proposals generated and with the recommendation of a series ofcustomized solutions and toolsfor each of the attendees. This initiative also allows you to download a document online with all the proposed measures.


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