Are you a sedentary person? Tips to start getting in shape this summer


Starting the day with physical activity, increasing the intensity of some usual activities or walking between 10 and 20 minutes a day are some of the tips

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42% of Spaniards declare themselves sedentary according to a survey by the
Spanish Obesity Society (SEED). They are people who have thought at one time or another about getting in shape; but they find it hard to start doing physical exercise on a regular basis. The
lack of time or the difficulty to organize the agenda are some of the
reasons for which they abandon that idea. Summer vacations for many are not the best time to start a challenge like this, either because of the temperatures or because leisure is associated with other activities. However, it is when there is usually more free time and when a person can start in a more relaxed way.

“The human being is an animal of customs, and when we want to change them for others, there is an internal force that leads us to the usual habits. Now that we are starting the summer, the proposal is not to wait until September to get hold of the new
purposes it's from the season. We can start this change now and in September we just have to continue doing them and integrate them into daily routines and with proper time management«, explains the
sports psychologist and collaborating professor of the master's degree in Nutrition in Physical Activity and Sport of the Health Sciences Studies of the UOC, Jaume Martí.

This line also expresses the
expert in sports physiology Jerónimo Aragón, collaborating professor on the same master's degree in Health Sciences Studies at the UOC. "Although getting in shape is a long-distance race, during the holidays you can start with rather calm exercises, and in September add more load or intensity when doing sports," he advises.

For example, explains Aragón, if the summer resort is the beach, you can go for walks, play paddle tennis in a recreational way, rent a paddle surf board or a kayak for two people, among others. As for the mountain, there is no need to get too complicated, with
long walks of more than 2 hours on acceptable ground is sufficient. And on the other hand, if we are in a city on vacation, sightseeing all day long, which is what we traditionally do, is enough. As for the frequency, every day you have to do a little sport.

To these tips, we add others to get hooked on physical activity:

  • Start the day with physical activity and not leave it for the end of the day, to avoid laziness.

  • avoid improvisation, very common on vacation. It is advisable to set some acceptable walking or running routines, even if they are 10 or 20 minutes.

  • Do activities that are usually carried out on a day-to-day basis, but with greater intensity. That is, go at a lighter pace when you go to buy the newspaper, food, visit someone, among others. You have to sweat, even if it's a little.

  • When visiting a city, town or summer resortdo it like a real tourist and walk or ride a bike instead of taking the car or public transport.

  • Depending on the age and physical condition, you can practice or start a sport, always in a moderate, controlled and fun way.

  • If you are near the sea or a swimming pool, do about 20 minutes of swimming.

  • All this, accompanied by good nutrition and, above all, hydration

Hydration, key in physical exercise

Aragón warns that the temperature at which sports are played must be taken into account: «if there are no hours available to practice it with adequate temperatures, then
August is not the best time to start«. The expert points out that there are three fundamental pillars in sport: training, rest and diet. »Diet and hydration, and even more so at this time, are very important.

First, because in
summer we do many excesses and, secondly, because of the high temperatures that reach our body when we play sports on these dates.
You have to do sports at a time when the temperature is not very high (in the morning or afternoon) and we should always have a bottle of water to be able to hydrate us«, he concludes.

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