January 24, 2021

Are Neymar and Mbappé closer to Madrid after the elimination of PSG?

Are Neymar and Mbappé closer to Madrid after the elimination of PSG?

In one of the operations that most inflated the market, PSG signed Neymar del Barcelona paying 220 million. That same summer, he accepted the "assignment" of Mbappé and built the richest team in the world, the most feared attack of the two stars, along with Cavani. All with one goal: to conquer the Champions. In France they already dominated, so the next step was to compete with the great European teams. They thought that money was enough. They had fallen with the club in eighths and their millionaire payout was meant to overcome that barrier long.

Two years later, he's still stuck in the eighths and with Neymar and Mbappé wondering if they really signed up for the right team and if the time has not come to change the air. Madrid needs a renewal and the two players a team with a future.

Because last season was Madrid the team that could PSG, although the French were favorites. Neymar disputed the first leg, which they lost at the Bernabéu and in the return, with the Brazilian injured, the team, still of Zidane, played one of the best matches of the season.

Well, they thought of France, it was Madrid. They gave one more year. East. The Manchester arrived without Mourinho, already fired, and without knowing very well what to do this season. And on top of that, he lost 0-2 in the first leg.

For yesterday's game in France, the English team was presented with 10 casualties, two boys of the youth and zero hope. Everything was in favor of PSG, less than Neymar, as in the first leg, like last year with Madrid, I saw him injured from the stands.

I saw the defeat. Maybe it's time to leave.


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