July 24, 2021

Arco 2019: exam to the art market | Babelia

Arco 2019: exam to the art market | Babelia

Next week Arco 2019 is inaugurated, the great fair of contemporary art in Madrid, which this year has as guest country to Peru. Babelia dedicates a good part of his next issue to this event with different reports and articles.

The number starts with an analysis by Georgina Adam, a journalist specializing in the art market in The Art Newspaper Y Financial Times, which reviews the activity of galleries, auction houses, fairs and dealers both in Spain and in the global market and signs an unflattering diagnosis. "A lot of things are changing in the art market, from the threat that hangs over the small galleries to the large and uncontrolled investments in art, which is why there are going to be many outstanding eyes of Arco this year, as it is celebrated in the middle of a turbulent international situation and a general slowdown in world growth, "writes Adam.

Another outstanding report is dedicated to Peruvian contemporary art. EL PAÍS journalist Ferran Bono traveled to the country three months ago to get to know in context the work of some of the artists who will be present in Arco and visit the most outstanding galleries. An art in which the traces of prehispanic art, of indigenism, of Amazonian and Andean cultures, as well as the influence of the most recent political and social events, remain.

Continuing with Peru, in another article Manuel Morales reviews the Peruvian art exhibitions that can be seen in Madrid at this time both within Arco and in different galleries of the city.

In the opinion pages, Jordi Gracia signs the free stand, along with the usual signatures of Antonio Muñoz Molina and Manuel Rodríguez Rivero.

The traditional EL PAÍS stand in Arco houses this year the work of two artists, the Peruvian Fernando Bryce and the Madrid-born Alicia Martín, whose work Bea Mirror analyzes a broad analysis. In addition, Bryce signs the illustration that serves as the cover for this special issue of Babelia.

In the following pages the reader will find the usual literary reviews, among which one is dedicated to two books signed by socialist leaders: the memoirs of President Pedro Sánchez and the new essay by Alfonso Guerra.

The music section is led by the singer Mariola Membrives, who releases an album with the guitarist Marc Ribot in which he plays the popular songs that Federico García Lorca recorded with La Argentinita in 1931.

The theater section includes reviews of the worksLa reina de la bellesa de Leenane, directed by Julio Manrique, Between bobos walks the game, directed by Eduardo Vasco, andKingdom, from the group Lord Serrano.


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