Archived the file of the judge pitonisa – The Province

Archived the file of the judge pitonisa - The Province

The Disciplinary Commission of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has agreed, by 4 votes to 3, to file the file initiated by the Promoter of the Disciplinary Action to the owner of the Prison Surveillance Court number 3 of Galicia (based in Lugo), María Jesús García Pérez, investigated for supposedly charging to throw the tarot cards, as a very serious fault.

As reported by the CGPJ, the Disciplinary Committee has considered "illegal" the evidence on which the opening of the file was based: a recording with hidden camera made at the magistrate's home.

They have voted in favor of the file the vowels Roser Bach, Victoria Cinto, Vicente Guilarte and Enrique Lucas; while they have spoken against the vowels Angeles Carmona, Carmen Llombart and Wenceslao Olea.

In July, the Disciplinary Committee rejected, by five votes to two, to agree to the provisional suspension of functions of María Jesús García Pérez while this file was resolved.

As reported by the TSXG, in the processing of allegations, the Prosecutor had requested the provisional suspension of the judge for a maximum period of six months, as requested by the sponsor of the disciplinary action, within the framework of the file opened to The judge. For her part, the magistrate had opposed the adoption of the precautionary measure.

In mid-June, the CGPJ He opened a disciplinary file to this judge for the alleged commission of a "very serious" fault for advertising as a tarot reader and seer and carry out these practices.


The trial against the judge began after the TSXG transferred a letter from the president of the Provincial Court of Lugo in which he reported that he had learned that the judge "publicly distributes leaflets (…) advertising as a tarot and seer with great experience in throwing tarot cards. "

This letter gave rise to informative inquiries by the promoter of the disciplinary action, to which several journalistic information were added in which it was stated that the magistrate herself carried out the aforementioned activity. Specifically, the newspaper 'El Progreso' of Lugo narrated in its paper editions the incognito experience in a tarot session, as well as 'La Voz de Galicia', which also published this practice.

The controversy has surrounded this judge on several occasions, since according to published 'The Confidential' last June, the CGPJ opened diligences to María Jesús García in 2001 for "dancing as 'stripper' in a local of the Canary Islands, where his professional destiny then, at the time, according to this same publication, he claimed that it was a 'hobby'.

Then, sources of the judicial power confirmed to Europe Press that in the last four and a half years this judge had not counted on any other open diligence. However, in Galicia, the judge also went to Santiago de Compostela and came to motivate a public complaint by the Bar Association of Santiago for taking a cat to the view.


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