June 19, 2021

Architecture as a transversal art – The Province

Architecture as a transversal art - The Province

The analysis and dissemination of the valuable architectural heritage of the Canary Islands, postulated from the principles of sustainability and transversality that connect architecture with analogous disciplines such as art, design, archeology or cinema, are the foundations of the cycle of conferences and cinephor hosts every Friday, starting today, the School of Architecture of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), under the direction of the Doctor, Architect and teacher Elisenda Monzón, together with the architects Ángel Casas and Eva Llorca.

The central purpose of this double cycle is to take the pulse of the current state of local architecture in the context of the Archipelago by the hand of a list of architects, veterans and emerging, but also artists and cultural managers, who will shed the ins and outs of their respective projects or architectural approaches incardinated in the cultural scenario of the islands. In addition, the program has several young architects who will present the challenges posed today by the profession of architecture in the development of 21st century cities.

"The ultimate goal of this initiative is to encourage and make known to the students of the School of Architecture the work of local architects that is being developed in the Canary Islands and that is part of their cultural heritage", said Elisenda Monzón in the presentation of the days, yesterday, in the Saro León Gallery, one of its sponsors. In addition, the architect of the project has embarked new generations of architects with the aim of offering their point of view from their own recent experiences, "from their search for work to their artistic concerns". "In addition, now there is a very rich creative panorama in the field of architecture, since, as a result of the economic crisis, architects are not only present in the studios, but they make an important contribution as architects from the world of architecture. art, promotion or design, "said Monzón.

And precisely with regard to this criterion of transversality, the conference is based on a second pillar that links architecture with the seventh art. For each presentation, which will be held every Friday at 12.30, during the teaching period at the School of Architecture of the ULPGC, the projection of a series of films in which the representation of architecture plays a prominent role. This cycle called Arquicine, promoted with the collaboration of the ULPGC Film Classroom, will exhibit classics from different eras and languages, such as Metropolis (Fritz Lang, 1927), Modern times (Charles Chaplin, 1936), The swimmer (Sidney Pollack, 1968) or Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola, 2003). In between, in addition, the School will offer the participants a "movie menu" at the price of 6 euros. "This activity of architecture and cinema was held years ago and stopped doing in the School, so we have decided to recover it," says Monzón.

However, the materialization of these days is the result of a collective effort that has added the support of the ULPGC, the College of Architects, the Department of Graphic Expression and Architectural Projects and, as external sponsors, the Elisenda Monzón Foundation and family businesses Ópticas Herrera Cerpa, Marpe School and Saro León Gallery. The latter will finance the publication of a series of publications in magazine format, both on paper and in digital version, from each conference, in order to have a physical testimony of the celebration of the conference.


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