June 19, 2021

Architect of 'blockchain', 'scrum master' … The digital profiles of which we will speak in 2019 | Talent

Architect of 'blockchain', 'scrum master' ... The digital profiles of which we will speak in 2019 | Talent

In EL PAÍS RETINA, we constantly talk about the extent to which the society in which we live is being digitized. The companies are largely responsible for this totally transversal process. Such is the thrust of this tsunami of bits and algorithms that continue to generate new professions to meet the new needs that arise in the environment in which we operate.

The experts of The Valley Talent, headhunters specialized in the search of qualified professionals to ride the new digital times, the following profiles stand out among those who will give more talk next year:

  • Architectural blockchain. Although the technology blockchain arises linked to the financial sector, its applications in artificial intelligence systems have led to this new profile. He is a professional especially demanded by digital companies with a high algorithmic component in his activity. With extensive knowledge in block chains, is responsible for verifying that processes and identities operate safely.
  • Growth hacker. His analytical, creative and social listening skills make him an ideal profile in digital marketing departments. It is dedicated to collect data, analyze and draw conclusions to implement creative strategies to improve the positioning of a product or service against the competition. Knowledge in SEO and web analytics are key in their activity.
  • Manager in cybersecurity. The lack of protection of information can become a serious headache for companies that develop much of their online activity. The integration of a team dedicated to the safeguarding of data is increasingly common in companies, and this specialized profile is responsible for directing and coordinating all actions to achieve it.
  • Scrum master. Its role lies in advising the work teams until they reach the phase of final sprint. It is a key profile in the presentations of projects, since it can act as a moderator guiding the speakers to prevent them from getting stuck during the exhibition.
  • Director of omnichannel. The commitment to combine online sales and those of physical establishments has generated new sales strategies based on omnichannel. The coordination of these two channels corresponds to the director of omnichannel, one of the profiles whose demand does not stop growing by companies retailers.
  • CDO and data analysts. The race for data does not stop. The hiring of professionals with extensive knowledge in big data It has become an obsession for companies that want to make information a competitive advantage. The chief data officers (CDO) and data analysts are profiles that we already knew, but are so highly valued by the human resources departments that fall into the list of the most valued for 2019.


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