Architect Frank Gehry Designs Louis Vuitton's Latest Perfume Bottle

Paris, Jul 5 (EFE) .- Louis Vuitton presented its latest line of perfumes this Monday in Paris, five original creations by perfumer Jacques Cavallier that have been worked together with the architect Frank Gehry, designer of the bottles.

It is the first time that Gehry, 92, has put his work at the service of beauty, although not the first collaboration with the fashion firm for which he has already created a line of bags in addition to the famous building of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, a the outskirts of Paris, opened in 2014.

"Dancing blossom", "Cosmic cloud", "Rhapsody", "Symphony" and "Stellar Times" with the five new perfumes that Vuitton will launch on October 6 in its stores and other selected points of sale.

To the minimalist glass jar that bears the name of the perfume is added a metal and magnetized stopper, which with its particular moving shape bears the stamp of Gehry, born in Canada and who also has American nationality.

The idea of ​​movement was the one that put both creators in agreement, because according to Cavallier the movement is also one of his main ones as an artist and in these perfumes he wanted to work with extracts but overcoming new challenges: that the scents are fresher and that they guarantee a Long duration.

"My ambition was to reinvent extracts, use raw materials and get the most out of them, reveal new facets, try to create new balances or imbalances and question some bases of perfume," explained Cavallier in the presentation.

The perfumer worked from Grasse (south-eastern France) and Gehry from Los Angeles. The entire conception process has been done remotely through video calls.

"It was nice talking to him about beauty and optimism, because that is the goal of these creations," added the perfumer, who has been working on these perfumes for several years.

The reference price of the perfume is 450 euros (about 534 dollars, at the current exchange rate), and to it is added the even more exclusive possibility of buying all five in a trunk of the brand designed by Gehry, who has just been in France to present his building for the Luma Foundation, in Arles (southeast). EFE


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