Archdiocese of Los Angeles updates list of priests accused of abuse

Archdiocese of Los Angeles updates list of priests accused of abuse

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles today published the first update since 2008 of the Report to the People of God, in which 54 new priests' names appear on which credible accusations of abusive sexual behavior against minors weigh.

In a press conference at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Archbishop José H. Gómez, along with other members of the Supervision Board of Misconduct, said that the update is part of the commitment of the archdiocese has with the victims and the transparency of the processes.

"Priests and other clergy who have committed abuses must respond to God for their sins, must be held accountable for the application of the law for any crime, and must be eliminated and never again be entrusted with ministry in the Church," he said. Gomez

The report mentions priests Juan Cano and José Cuevas, who faced credible accusations that were referred to the police. Both were removed from their ministries permanently and currently face a process to be expelled from the priesthood.

The name of the Argentine priest Roberto Barco was also included in the list. In 2016 the Diocese of San Bernardino warned of an incident involving a minor allegedly occurred in 2010.

The update includes allegations made by alleged victims who reported abuses as adults and that date back decades. Even one of the defendants already passed away.

The first time the Report to the People of God was delivered was in 2004, in an effort by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to give a voice to the victims. It was the first diocese to do so in the United States.

However, in 2013 and without a report like today's, the ecclesiastical authorities made known the names of other priests against whom there were credible accusations as part of a transparency agreement.

This agreement led to the payment of 13 million dollars a year later to 17 alleged victims of sexual abuse of priests, among them the Mexican Nicolás Aguilar Rivera.

Today's report also includes the results of investigations that exempt accused religious like Cardinal Roger Mahony, accused by a woman from Fresno, California.

According to the documents delivered by the diocese, the Fresno Police Department investigated the allegations and determined that there was an attempted fraud behind it.

The Catholic Church also claimed the name of Richard Martini, accused in a press release. Both the investigations carried out by the clergy and federal authorities concluded that the accusations were unfounded, according to the archdiocese.

Archbishop Gómez and the members of the Board insisted on making a call to the victims to make the corresponding denunciations.

"We owe it to the victim-survivors to be completely transparent in listing the names of those who commit these abuses." Once again, I encourage others who may have been injured to come forward, "Gómez concluded.


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