Archaeologists find an intact 2400 year ship in the Black Sea | Culture

Archaeologists find an intact 2400 year ship in the Black Sea | Culture

A team of archaeologists has found the sunken and intact ship probably the oldest in history at the bottom of the Black Sea. The indications of the researchers indicate that it has remained on the seabed for more than 2,400 years.

The 23-meter vessel appeared off the coast of Bulgaria and a little over 2,000 meters deep with its oars, mast and rudder well preserved, probably due to lack of oxygen, according to the researchers, who have announced their discovery. in a press release. The principal investigator of the MAP project, Jon Adams, who has led the find, has declared his astonishment in finding the wreck. "A ship that has survived intact since classical times, lying under a two-kilometer layer of water, is something I would never have thought possible," the scientist said. "This is going to change our understanding of maritime construction and navigation in the ancient world," he added.

The research team tracked the seabed for three years in an area of ​​2,000 square kilometers. They found 60 shipwrecks: the most recent of the 17th century and the oldest, with the exception of the Greek ship, from Roman times. The discovery of the 2,400 year wreck occurred at the end of 2017.

It is believed that the vessel is similar to the one represented in sirens vase preserved in the British Museum. The pottery describes Homer attached to the mast of his ship, resisting the deadly charm of the sirens' song.

To certify the age of the wreck, the researchers took a sample and submitted it to the carbon dating test at the University of Southampton. The results, according to the team, "confirm that it is the oldest wreck of humanity" and will be presented at a forthcoming scientific meeting.


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