Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

Aragonès reaches out to PSC and the CUP to join the budget project

In the first session on budgets of the Generalitat in the full of the Parlament, the Vice President of Govern and Minister of Economy and Hisenda, Pere Aragonès, has extended his hand to PSC and the Cup to join the project in the process of amendments that will open if the accounts save the stumbling block of the debate to the whole, something that will happen this afternoon thanks to Junts per Catalunya and Esquerra Republicana and the abstention of the commons. electoral and let’s get out of the comfort zone ”, he has claimed.

“Let’s expand the range of support in the budgetary process so that they are much better,” he has summoned socialists and anti-capitalists, remarking that they cannot be “so far” from a project that “allocates 3 out of every 4 euros to social policies.” “Other times they have approved budgets that did not even present their figures,” he said.

We ignore the electoral context and leave the comfort zone. Let’s expand the range of support in the budget process so that they are much better ”

Both formations have presented an amendment to the whole, like the rest of the opposition except the common ones; and have already announced that they will actively participate in the amendment process. Therefore, Aragonès has asked them for “responsibility” and urged them to “overcome legitimate electoral ambitions” in order to build “a fairer present and a better future”, highlighting what it considers “a social commitment” of the Government to “ leave behind the scenario where patches were put in emergency situations. ” “The austerity limited the response capacity of the welfare state when citizens needed it most,” he has justified.

The also national coordinator of ERC and his strong man has argued that it is “country budgets” and not the Government and has wanted to underline its “cross-cutting” nature, pointing out that the project “goes far beyond political formations” that form the Catalan Executive. He has also referred to the numbers they have developed as “a sum of the plurality of views, opinions and proposals.”

In that line, he wanted to highlight the need to reach agreements with people who “disagree” in the future and thanked the commons, who have agreed to the accounts with Aragonès himself, who have “put” the interests of all to those of his party. “Let’s learn from it, because it is the path we need today to move forward. It does not advance alone, it advances collectively, ”he said about it.

Torra’s intervention

Before the vice president, Quim Torra spoke briefly to highlight the need for the current draft accounts to go ahead to guarantee public services, to aid companies, to deploy the fiber optic network and to fight against inequality, among other issues. Although it is unusual, it has been an intervention agreed with Aragonès. After the speech of the president of the Generalitat, a turn of interventions for the parliamentary groups that only Citizens have used has been opened.

Last year, with the preliminary draft of the budgets, the bicefalia of the Government was already evident and Torra also appeared before the Minister of Economy and Hisenda. In ERC they see electoral purposes in the intention of Torra and the truth is that for a few days JxCat claims the budgets and the sense of “responsibility” in a clearly pre-electoral context.

After the approval of the budgets of the Generalitat, the first since 2017, the date of the Catalan elections will be announced. The accounts will have the approval of the plenary session of the Chamber, if the planned calendar is fulfilled, on March 18. If an opinion on the accounts is requested from the Consell de Garanties Estatutàries, the process could be delayed another month, until the end of April.

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