July 7, 2020

Aragonès asks for a political solution for Catalonia, without criminal proceedings and from the Pedralbes document

The vice-president of the Government of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, on Thursday asked the PSOE for an interlocution for a political solution for the crisis in Catalonia, without going through "criminal solutions" and has indicated that the Pedralbes document signed by the Government and the Generalitat last December is a "good starting point".

"It is clear that everything that leads to criminal solutions and try to limit the political conflict to a Criminal Code issue, this moves away the agreement. Everything that treats the political conflict as a political issue, brings the agreement closer," said the Esquerra leader in an Onda Cero interview, collected by Europa Press.

In his opinion, a reform of the Criminal Code to outlaw the independence referendum, as Sánchez proposed in the campaign, is a typification "thought for them" and makes support difficult. "Everything that approaches an agreed, political and democratic solution brings us closer to the agreement, everything that moves away from it will make it difficult," he insisted, asking to be asked if the Government should reverse measures such as the Decree against Digital Republic

Aragonès explained, about the possibility of establishing a table of parties, as the PSOE offers, and that ERC clarifies that it must be of "negotiation", that Pedralbes' document is a "good starting point".

"We can develop that agreement because it established a political exit scheme," he added, understanding that the document had "ambiguity" to allow remote positions to begin to "change the framework of action." "You should not chronify the conflict, but look for solutions," he said.

However, he insists that it may be another proposal to Pedralbes but there must be a "negotiating table", with two parties defending interests, which may be parties or governments. "We can be flexible," he said about the terms of that hypothetical table.

For Aragonès the relevant thing is that "there is freedom to put on the table the solution proposed by each party, that the agreements have legal certainty and there are guarantees of compliance."

As he stressed, the independence movement will not renounce the self-determination of Catalonia, but understands that when entering a table you cannot ask another party to renounce its principles, in reference to the Government. "Empathy is essential to try to find ways of solution. For us the solution is a referendum but we will see what proposal there is on the part of the State," said the Catalan vice president.


On the next investiture of Sanchez, the leader of ERC has insisted that they will have to be demanding with the socialist leader since things have changed since July and he has been assuming "Citizens' thesis".

"If the program of the future government is a program traced to that of Citizens, it cannot have the support of ERC," Aragones said, affecting Sanchez who has assumed the thesis "of Spanish nationalism" to pursue "criminally a political conflict."

"Given this Pedro Sánchez that has changed, we have to be more demanding, that confidence does not exist at the moment, we must specify and put on the table clear instruments to resolve the conflict," he said.

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