October 27, 2020

Aragonès and Colau will plant the king on his visit to Barcelona this Friday

The vice president of the Government and interim president after the cessation of Quim Torra, Pere Aragonès, and the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, will plant King Felipe VI in the visit that the monarch will make this Friday to Barcelona, the first one carried out in Catalonia after the controversy over his absence from the delivery of dispatches to the judges on September 25.

Colau has decided not to participate in formal acts with King Felipe VI on his visit to the city on Friday to preside over the Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW) awards ceremony, although he will attend the business event on Tuesday at its inauguration . The mayoress of Barcelona has justified the sit-in to the king for the “very serious events that affect the monarchy”, in reference to the alleged corruption of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I.

“We have seen how the Royal House, de facto, recognized that there have been bad practices that point to corruption and to amass a fortune in an illegal way, with foreign accounts and other opacities,” Colau added in statements to the press. Referring to the emeritus king, Colau has affirmed that “he is on the run in a dictatorship, which is not normal in a democracy”, and has considered that the Royal House has not given the explanations that it should to the citizens.

On the other hand, the mayor has described as “very good news” that the president of the central government, Pedro Sánchez, comes to the city on the occasion of the closing of the BNEW, a new congress that arrives at the best possible moment, according to her.

For their part, sources from the Vice Presidency have confirmed to the ACN agency that Aragonès will not attend the event on Friday either. The same sources have explained that Pere Aragonès’ team declined the invitation of the organization several days ago before the complete list of participants in the event was made public. Once the presence of Sánchez and Felipe VI has been made public, they have remained in the position of not attending.


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