Aragón sees "insufficient" Endesa's draft plan to reactivate the region

Endesa has submitted a "draft" of the accompanying plan for the closure of the Andorra thermal power plant, which has been described by the Government of Aragon as "insufficient" because it does not contemplate specific investments, because, as indicated by the CEO of the company, José Bogas, is an "open" document that will be outlined next week.

The representatives of the workers, the mayors of the affected municipalities and the regional government expected the company to clear its proposals at this meeting to mitigate the consequences of the closure of the thermal; meeting that has been held in the Pignatelli Building, headquarters of the Aragonese Executive.

Both the Minister of Economy of the Government of Aragon, Marta Gastón, who has participated in the meeting, as the trade union representatives of CCOO and UGT and the mayors of the affected municipalities have qualified the proposal raised by the electricity company "clearly insufficient" and " inconcreta ", and have regretted that not even the company has presented a" physical document ".

Bogas, who has expressed Endesa's "commitment" to the region, has affirmed that the company will make "significant investments", but has not specified any beyond those already announced, such as maintaining the direct jobs of the plant or the investment in renewable energies.

He also pointed out that next week they will present the accompanying plan to the Government of Spain together with the request for closure and that the company's commitment is to propose "viable and sustainable" solutions, looking to the future.

Among these measures, it has listed the maintenance of employment for the direct workers of Endesa, although, he pointed out, they still have to meet with the unions; a line of training for the workers of the contractors for the work of dismantling the plant; investments in renewable energies and a part of "entrepreneurship of new activities", without clarifying more.

However, he pointed out that the plan is a "living" and "open" document, which, although it contemplates investments with "very important amounts", will not compensate the economic activity that Endesa currently has with the Andorra thermal power plant, but it does will mitigate, he said, the negative impact caused by its closure scheduled for June 2020.

On the maintenance of the thermal power plant beyond this date with a reduction in production, Bogas has indicated that, although this possibility should not be ruled out, he is "skeptical" and does not consider its extension to be "viable".

On the part of the Government of Aragon, the Minister of Economy has affirmed that in this meeting they have only seen "good will", but not a "planned" plan as they envisaged, since not even the company has presented a document in writing.

He has valued that the company invests in the development of renewable energies, but has insisted that it is not enough to compensate for the "gap" of the thermal closure and, once again, has requested its extension beyond June 2020.

Before the document with "ethereal" issues presented today by Endesa, Gaston has pointed out that the Government of Aragon has transferred some projects to revitalize the area, from a biomass plant or a reference center in the field of training and research in renewable energy that would be "pioneer" in Aragon, has commented without providing more details.

On the part of Endesa, they have shown their willingness to study them.

From CCOO and UGT, their union representatives, José Antonio Planas and Alejo Galve, have affirmed that they will continue with street demonstrations and have claimed involvement both the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Government of Aragon.


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