Aragon, Navarra and Cantabria tighten restrictions on hotels and nightlife before New Year's Eve

The autonomous communities address new restrictions on hospitality and nightlife four days after the celebration of New Year's Eve to face the increase in infections in the sixth wave. In addition to the mandatory nature of the using the mask outdoors –Decreted after the celebration of the Conference of Presidents–, several autonomous regions of the north have announced this Monday the limitation of the hours of nightlife. Catalonia, for its part, has established a curfew between 1.00 and 6.00 for 125 municipalities.

These are the restrictions, community by community:

  • Andalusia. The Chairman of the Board, Juanma Moreno, has assured that will meet the first week of January both to the territorial committees and to the committee of experts, but "there are no restrictions on the table like those of the Generalitat de Catalunya, neither a curfew nor measures as harsh as in other communities". In Andalusia the COVID certificate to access residences, hospitals, leisure and hospitality.
  • Aragon. The regional government has announced the advance of the closure of the hotel business at midnight and the nightlife at 02.00 hours. In addition, the tables will have a maximum of 10 diners indoors and outdoors, also in nightlife, and it cannot be consumed at the bar. The COVID passport runs until January 15 for events of more than 250 people indoors and 500 outdoors, while cultural shows will have a 50% reduction in capacity.
  • Asturias. From Tuesday December 28 the interior of the nightlife will remain closed and the COVID passport will be mandatory to access bars, restaurants, gyms, gambling establishments, mass events and nursing homes. The hotel business may be open until 1:00 a.m. at the latest. Both restrictions will last for one month.
  • Cantabria. It decrees the immediate closure of nightlife, reduces once again the capacity in the hotel and catering sector and applies new restrictions on cultural or sports facilities in practically all of its territory, especially in those most populated municipalities and with the highest incidence of coronavirus. Here, all measurements.
  • Castilla la Mancha. Despite believing that the control of massive events is appropriate, García-Page considers that it is a decision that should be taken jointly by all the autonomous communities and does not propose to apply new restrictions.
  • Castile and Leon. After requesting a report from the experts to study the possible measures and after the call for elections, the community does not impose restrictions but recommends limiting the meetings.
  • Catalunya. From December 24 to Three Kings Day, 125 municipalities have established a curfew by which night mobility between one and six in the morning is prohibited, except for essential needs. All have a population of more than 10,000 inhabitants and an incidence of more than 250 cases per 100,000 residents. In addition, other 12 municipalities They have requested that this measure be applied to them. In this community it is necessary to present the COVID certificate to access restaurants, gyms, nursing homes and cultural spaces.
  • Valencian Community. The COVID certificate is necessary to access all kinds of places with food service, cultural spaces and gyms. In several municipalities the New Year's Eve parties have been suspended.
  • Euskadi. Urkullu will announce this Tuesday new restrictions in Euskadi for New Year's Eve, which They will foreseeably affect the opening hours and capacity of the restaurant. At the moment, venues with capacity for 5,000 people or more have their capacity reduced to 80%. In addition, the consumption of food and drink is prohibited in cultural and sports venues. The COVID passport It is necessary to access nightlife from 10:00 pm and to restaurants with more than 50 diners, as long as the incidence exceeds 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. It will be requested in concert halls, hotels, sports facilities and hospitals, social health and penitentiary centers, when the incidence exceeds 300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Estremadura. The Board has stated that no restrictions apply for being at risk level 2.
  • Galicia. The Xunta se raises limiting mobility on New Year's Eve, although it has not made the final decision, which will be known predictably this Tuesday. No additional measures were imposed at Christmas. The COVID passport It is widely implemented, being necessary to access nightlife, pilgrim hostels, health centers, residences for the elderly, mass events and cultural spaces.
  • Balearic Islands. The Balearic Islands will have a special control plan on New Year's Eve and will penalize locals that have breached the regulations. They have also warned that if the breaches persist "forceful measures will have to be taken, such as the closure of all nightlife." The regional government has agreed to extend the requirement of the certificate in the islands at level 3 of health alert to all catering establishments, regardless of their capacity, and to all cultural establishments.
  • Canary Islands. La Gomera has entered alert level 2Therefore, meetings between non-partners are limited to eight people. The closing time for establishments and activities is also established at 02.00 hours.
  • The Rioja. La Rioja has already been authorized by the Justice the requirement of the certificate to access hospitals, social service centers, nightlife and restaurants with a capacity of more than 50 diners until next January 22. At the moment no further measures have been announced.
  • Madrid. The Minister of Health has advanced that his Government will take measures so that macro parties are not held on New Year's Eve. For the rest, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has expressed her intention to maintain the health policy applied so far.
  • Murcia. From December 24, all non-essential activity remains closed starting at one in the morning. This restriction will remain in effect until January 14. To access the hotel and restaurant industry, it will be necessary to present the COVID passport. In addition, the number of diners per table is limited to 10 indoors and 12 outdoors and the capacity is 75%. Eating standing up is also prohibited and the dance floors have been closed.
  • Navarre. He has established the closure of bars and clubs at 1 in the morning, in addition to prohibiting its consumption at the bar and limiting 10 people per table in these places until January 14. In addition, it asks the Justice to extend the COVID passport to residences for the elderly, gyms and closed sports spaces.


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